Different automatic programming systems have been developed to handle several welding processes.

As an example WeldX generates a welding program to repair a mould starting from a model and a CNC path.

A typical repair path is build of many thousands of points, and it’s almost impossible to teach manually. Euclid Labs software takes care of creating points, testing reachability and collisions of each one, calculating the best external axis position. Finally, a robot program is generated, automatically divided in parts and filled with all actions related to the process (torch cleaning, arc on and test, etc. )

WeldX sends programs to robot through an Ethernet connection.

At any time it is possible to suspend the job to verify the quality of welding and if necessary to adjust parameters.

WeldX can be connected to different CAD/CAMs to adapt to customer design process and can generate programs for several robot controllers (Kuka, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Motoman, Stäubli):

Other systems are running to join structural elements, wire weld fire doors, laser weld appliances.


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