Your offline software for robot bending workcells

Obelisk offline programming for pressbrake robot workcells enables you to simulate the whole bending process and program them from your office.

Obelisk increases the efficiency of the workcell reducing off time for tool setup, gripper design and robot programming.

1.Start from a drawing

Select a workcell and a DXF file to start productin with

2. Simulate each bending step

For each step the user can select how robot has to handle the part, how it has to follow bend and regrip at the end. Robot gripping point can easily be entered by user in a full 3D enviroment.

3. Define palletizing

At the end of the process Obelisk allows to visualize different possible palletizing option and to select the user needs best fitting.

– If necessary robot will regrip parts before releasing it on pallet or will use different gripping position for different layers.

4. Generate robot and pressbrake programs

Trajectories are automatically calculated and translated in a robot program. Bending subprograms and functions for Fanuc, Kuka and Staubli are part           of Obelisk package.


For end user

  • 1. Reduce production stop due to programming time to minimum
  • 2. Predict the efficiency of the workcell for any particular product and take action to improve it if necessary
  • 3. Simplify robot programming task
  • 4. Easily visualize and setup palletizing data

For system integrators

  • 5. Better design of workcell with previous simulation of customer process
  • 6. Reduce dependency from robot and pressbrands
  • 7. Compare different workcell solutions and easily show them to customers
  • 8. Improve customer service: at any time a new process can be designed


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