An offline programming software allows to program a robot or a machine without using the actual workcell.

It has as inputs a model of the actual workcell, a drawing of the product to work with and/or some user interaction, while its output is one or more robot/NC programs.

A general offline programming system replicates the workcell in a simulated 3D enviroment and gives each user same commands and limits of the real machines: users are teaching a robot path on a 3D model while production is still going on.

Each robot brands has developed this kind of software to help customers reducing the idle time of robots caused by programming needs and shorting new production startups.

This type of offline software is not enough to make a workcell profitable if production batches are small, programming by teaching is hard (because of the number of points or the difficulties of the process) or there’s no 3D model of the object to work on: that’s where Euclid Labs software starts from.

Obelisk, the offline solution for bending with robots, takes care of all robot programming while user interacts graphically only with parts and press brake.

Eleven copies the movement of a measurement arm into a robot path, taking care of process speeds and signals, giving users the possibility to program a dispensing job in few minutes.

EasyTeach captures direcly user movements to generate a painting or sanding program.

Euclid Labs offline programming software are aimed to make robot application worthful when batches are very small, process is really complex, models are missing.

When the working object position is not perfectly known Euclid Labs generated programs are automatically integrating instruction for a 3D vision system.

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