Solution for parts that are parallelepipeds or solid of rotation.

Moonflower Purple is Euclid Labs solution for parts that are parallelepipeds or solid of rotation.

Since the definition of this kind of parts can be done by extruding or rotating a 2D contour it is possible to define them with a simple DXF file.
Moonflower Puple merges information from a Microsoft Kinect and a 2D camera to properly locate parts.
Mostly it has been used to load heating systems before a hot stamping line or to feed turning centers.

A single robot can handle multiple boxes and usually feeds two target machines.

When different products are stored in pallets simultanously processed it could be necessary to grip with a tool that has not always a perfect match on each part. In this case a second camera is used to locate the part into the gripper and modify deposit position consequently.
All communications are performed via ethernet, currently supported robot brands are Kuka, Motoman Yaskawa, Fanuc, Staubli, Estun, Abb and Comau…and more are coming soon.

3D sensor Kinect + Camera
Bin dimensions 600 x 800 x 450 mm
Resolution 2 to 8 mm
Cycle Time 12 to 18 sec
Operaiting system Windows 7, Windows 8
Drawing file extension DXF
Connection Ethernet


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