Software for random picking of large parts with a simple shape.

Moonflower Green is Euclid Labs software for Random  Picking of large parts with a simple shape.

It’s a cheap solution that uses only a Microsoft Kinect or a time of flight camera and can work on a very large volume with an accuracyof +-10mm (the system requires later a centering unit or a second camera).

Moonflower Green shares with most accurate systems all the features related to part and robot modelling, path planning, collision avoidance and picking strategy.

Moonflower Green has been succesfully applied to unstack cement bags, to load water heater parts on welding lines, to depallettize boxes, to feed textile machines with spools of thread.

3D sensor Kinect  or LMS400
Bin dimensions 2000 x 2000 x 1650 mm
Resolution 10 mm
Cycle time 10 sec
Operaiting system Windows 7, Windows 8
Drawing file extension Step – STL
Connection Ethernet


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