Random Bin Picking is probably the most impressive application of 3D Vision

There are different requirements for each bin picking application:

  • part geometry
  • bin dimensions
  • cycle time
  • randomness of parts in the bin¬†(which is strongly connected to the gripper design)
  • optical characteristic of part surfaces
  • type and tolerance of gripping

Moonflower Solution

Moonflower, Euclid Labs solution for Robot Random Bin Picking, supports full randomness of the bin, uses different sensor depending on the particolar challenge and comes with robot subprograms to handle the process.

All the algorithms for part matching, path planning and collision check are developed internally in Euclid Labs.

User can load a new part as 2D or 3D file (dxf, stl, step) and define a new end effector if necessary.
Each production has different needs, Euclid Labs has developed several version of its 3D application to meet with the best results various tradeoffs between time cycle, accuracy, volume, costs, flexibility.

In today’s world of rapidly evolving technology each solution is continously¬†improving: faster algorithms, better cameras, new sensors.

Our Software Solutions

Four standard version are ready to go:
  • MoonFlower RED

    for metalsheet

  • MoonFlower BLUE

    for most complex process working with europallet bins

  • MoonFlower GREEN

    for large and simple parts

  • MoonFlower PURPLE

    to load billets and to feed turning centers

We will be happy to customize our 3D solutions
to match what really matters: your needs.

Do you need help?