Offline software for robot bending workcells


Your offline software for robot bending workcells

what is OBELISK

Obelisk is an offline programming software for robots and press brake workcells. It enables the user to simulate the whole bending process from drawings definition to program generation. Obelisk increases the efficiency of bending workcell, reducing off time for mechanical setup and robot programming, providing a high level of precision and reliability.

how to use OBELISK

1. Management of Workcell and Products Catalogue
Management of bending Workcell
  • Select the workcell and a DXF file to start simulation.

2. Definition of Product Working Cycle

robotic bending
  • Choose the final bent shape of a product (angles, directions, sequence).
  • Choose gripper, thickness, weight and desired loading and unloading systems.
  • Arrange the press brake’s tooling stations and multiple gauges positioning.

3. Simulation of Product Working Cycle

Simulate bending workcell
  • Fully intuitive 3D environment to simulate robot kinematics and collisions.
  • Decide how to manage Product in all designated steps (loaders, bends and pallets).
  • Test bends feasibility and fix robot and press brake attitude according to the needs.
  • Define palletization scheme on pallet, starting from the simple ones to more complex solutions.

4. Generation of trajectories and programs

Automatic trajectory calculation
  • Once all steps have been defined, compute robot trajectories and complete Product Working Cycle.
  • Last, generate final robot and press brake programs and send them directly to the machines.
  • Many press brake and robot brands are fully supported (e.g. Kuka, Fanuc, ABB …).

advantages of OBELISK

For End User

offline bending software for robotized bending workcell
  • Reduce production stops due to programming time to a minimum. 
  • Predict the efficiency of the workcell for any product and take action to improve it if necessary. 
  • Simplify robot programming tasks and actions to reach the product’s tolerance. 
  • Visualize and set up any easy palletization scheme.

For System Integrator

Offline software for bending workcells
  • Better design of workcell with the previous simulation of customers’ process.
  • Reduce dependency on robots and press brake brands.
  • Compare different workcell solutions and easily show them to customers.
  • Improve customer service: at any time a new process can be designed.

key features and functions of OBELISK

  • Multi components management (stacks, aligners, pallets).
  • Multi TCP management (gripper, regrip stand, gauge).
  • Interpolation engine to be more cohesive with real workcell.
  • Bend deduction to offer a realistic bending process.
  • Middle points to introduce product additional handling.
  • Quick drag editing of press brake tools and gauges.
  • Orthographic view fully supported.
  • Jigs vertical stack management and simulation.
  • Obelisk as palletization software (no bending steps).
  • Change colors of whole software as desired!

Do you want to know more about Obelisk?

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