3D sensor for shiny objects


The go-to 3D sensor for shiny objects

what is NAK3D

Nak3D is a stereo vision camera developed by Euclid Labs for detecting parts, especially shiny ones, that are not visible to other sensors.

The simple and essential design makes it lightweight and at the same time the perfect solution to solve cases of bin picking (random or structured) in the worst conditions such us: oiled parts with bright surfaces, boxes with plastic bags, and boxes with reflective walls.

advantages of NAK3D

Nak3D has been designed to give very good results on shiny objects.

stereo vision

With its solid hardware and simple principle, Nak3D merges reliability and beauty.

Component of NAK3D

Basler Cameras with Filters

Basler Cameras with Filters

Refined Metal Bracket

Refined Metal Bracket

Laser line and motor for moving the laser through the bin

Z-Laser line and motor for moving the laser through the bin

3D sensor for oiled parts

Models available of NAK3D

3D camera for bright surfaces

Brilliant On Shiny Objects

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