Robot programming without writing code


The most effective way to program without writing code

what is MARVIN

Marvin is our software for rapid robot programming. It is 100% hardware independent, so it supports different devices for entering trajectories (such as HTC VIVE and Valve Index International or digitizers such as Kreon Technologies and Revware Inc.) and generates code for various industrial robots (Yaskawa Motoman, Kuka, Fanuc, Epson, Stäubli, Nachi, Hyundai … and much more to come). Users can input points also directly interacting with 3D CAD models or point clouds acquired by a 3D sensor.

Marvin can work offline with a digital twin of a robot workcell to verify and optimize the process before building the system. For example, it is possible to easily teach several paths and try them in simulation with different tool configurations.

Marvin can add to your robot program a lot of features automatically:

  • calls to subprograms before or after an event defined by the user;
  • comments when entering a specific volume, and calls to special routines when reaching some areas (for example: to insert a torch cleaning in a welding process, simply move the pointer to that area);
  • processes the defined speed when it is required (as in sealing);
  • post-processes the curvilinear angles to match end effector requirements.

what can i do with MARVIN

Marvin can be applied for several applications:

how can i use MARVIN

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