Bin Picking Book

Bin Picking

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Every two years, Euclid Labs is proud to organize an event in connection with Automatica’s trade show in Munich. Everyone interested in advanced robotics, automation and computer vision can join, share and enjoy three talks about a crucial topic in an informal environment. This little book was written and realized for “The Future of Robot Programming” event on Tuesday, 19th June 2018. As CEO of Euclid Labs I take the chance to thank my Team that work hard to make the event successfull and all the participants that make this possible.

3D vision software


Euclid Labs 3D vision system applied to a robot cell or an automatic machine allows scanning each time working pieces before welding in order to fit the welding gun position even when fixtures are not perfect. It can be used joined with an offline programming system or as a robot software tool, in this case welding point corrections are relative to a master piece prepared in teach mode.

Vision Software Brochure

Moonflower Blue


Moonflower Blue is our most accurate product for 3D parts Random Bin Picking. Moonflower Blue is intended to pick parts, stacked or randomly mixed, from a box or a pallet starting from a CAD drawing of the object. Using Euclid Labs Cell Configurator it is possibile to define robot and sensors and to design your own layout. Moonflower has been already installed successfully on Kuka, Fanuc, Yaskawa, Staubli, Estun, Denso, Comau, Hyundai, Kawasaki and Universal Robot but can easily extend its ethernet communication  rotocol to other robot brands.



Obelisk offline programming for pressbrake robot workcells enables you to simulate the whole bending process and program them from your office. Obelisk increases the efficiency of the workcell reducing off time for tool setup, gripper design and robot programming.

Obelisk Brochure