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Hi-Tech solutions for Robotics and Industrial Automation

Since 2005

We are fully committed to growing our partners’ network and improving our support and innovation contribution.

Euclid Labs at Vision 2014

Euclid Labs at Automatica 2022

What we do

  • We design and develop hi-tech solutions for robotics and industrial automation. We work to give industrial manufacturing companies flexible and effective software tools to face difficulties related to small-batch production, high-quality requirements, and complex task automation. We partner with robot manufacturers, machine builders, and system integrators to create the best applications for automatic programming. Since the foundation in 2005, our goal has always been to increase the profitability of automation by reducing programming time and adding adaptive skills. 
  • Euclid Labs offline programming software have been used for lens edgers, panel machines, laser sorting, robot palletizers, robot press brake bending, riveting, clinching machines, marble polishing automation, frame painting cartesians, automatic surface scan, creation of trajectories using haptic devices, translation of programs from one robot language to another…we are ready for new challenges.
  • Our random bin picking software, Moonflower, is our core product, with more than 300 installations worldwide, more than 20 robot brands, and around 30 different 3D sensors supported. 
  • We developed several applications around 3D input devices (haptic tools like Sensable, digitizers like Faro and Kreon, and VR sets like Vive, and Index). 
  • We have been always focused on manufacturing and we have collected on our servers more than 2000 robots’ backups.

Our history


Founded by Matteo Peluso and Roberto Polesel.


Development of the first custom CAD CAM (for a lens edger with curvilinear axis).


First random bin picking application (for a Fanuc robot in a shovel factory).


First installation of Obelisk, Euclid Labs offline programming software for robotized bending.


Moonflower Red for robot random bin picking projects is Ras Maschinenbau choice for RAS MiniBendCenter loading.


First installation of Moonflower White, random bin picking software based on Microsoft Kinect.


Moonflower Blue exposed at Vision show in Stuttgart, Germany.


First installation of our Monoflower software for robot random bin picking in China.


Creation of joint venture in China with Estun Automation.


Our bin picking software has been installed in USA (paper industry), Mexico (electrical cars), China (appliances), Germany (cams and crankshaft), Spain (connectors), Italy (billets, metal components), Japan (metalsheet).


Among many new features, a complete simulation system for 3D sensors has been developed. This new project gives us much more speed for testing and a new range of possibilities in supporting the design development.


Euclid Labs R&D team exceed 25 people. Applications of 3D vision for flexible items are installed in Japan, Korea and Europe.


Euclid Labs Danube, a branch office for educational software, is started in Budapest.


Nak3D cameras are adopted in the automotive industry for shiny components of white body both in USA and Europe.

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